Effective. Professional. Experienced.

Zentner Planning and Ecology has processed and received permit approvals for simple to complex projects from a variety of agencies, including the Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. A common denominator for all approved permits is our ability to work with clients and regulatory agency staff and craft solutions that meet the goals of each. That ability is derived from more than 30 years of permitting experience; when a problem comes up, we've often dealt with it before and can help our Clients meet their objectives without endangering either the budget or timeline.



  • Wetland Delineations

    Our reputation as wetland delineation experts is based on our work involving difficult and complex projects as well as the expeditious and accurate mapping of less challenging sites.

  • Endangered Species Assessments and Consultations

    Zentner Planning and Ecology has worked on a diversity of assessments for protected species in almost every habitat type in the west.

  • Corps Permitting

    Zentner Planning and Ecology has secured some of the largest and most complex 404 permits approved in both the San Francisco and Sacramento Districts of the Corps.

  • Regional Water Board Permitting

    Perhaps no environmental permit has become more complicated than Regional Water Board permitting. We are experts at navigating through stormwater, mitigation and other Board regulations.

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife Permitting

    Zentner Planning and Ecology has expertise in all types of CDFW permitting in order to resolve conflicts and keep projects moving.

  • Bay Conservation and Development Commission Delineations and Permits

    We have decades of experience with mapping projects with complex BCDC jurisdictions and directing permit applications through the often-complicated BCDC approval process.

  • State Lands Lease Applications

    Zentner Planning and Ecology has negotiated land leases for complex projects including both temporary and permanent facilities, dredging project and other complicated improvements affecting state lands.

  • Local Planning and Permitting

    We are experts in conducting biological studies and preparing concise, accurate, and easily understood planning documents that appeal to both agency staff and the layperson.