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The use of natural resources is improved through land planning, whether that means preservation, development or a combination of the two. Good planning starts with a good inventory of site resources, whether it’s relatively simple, like a wetland delineation, or more complex, such as multi-habitat species analyses. Zentner Planning and Ecology provides thorough, timely and cost-effective inventories that are then used to produce useable plans, from natural resource assessments to development and entitlement programs.



  • Biotic Resources Assessments

    We complete site surveys to tell clients exactly what potential biological constraints a site contains so that they can make more informed decisions.

  • Wetland Delineations

    We complete reconnaissance-level wetland and waters mapping for both rapid assessment purposes and for master planning of large areas.

  • Special Status Species Surveys and Assessments

    We complete plant and wildlife species surveys and assessments on every habitat in California for both planning and permitting purposes.

  • Local Planning

    The staff at Zentner Planning and Ecology is experienced at guiding planning documents through the often-frustrating local review processes.

  • Land Management Plans

    Zentner Planning and Ecology provides services for a variety of land management plans including open space, vegetation, invasive species management and long-term management plans.

  • Mitigation Bank Establishment

    Zentner Planning and Ecology has set up mitigation banks for clients involving both wetlands and listed species.

  • Litigation Support

    Because Zentner Planning and Ecology staff are experts in the ecological field including wetlands and endangered species, we provide litigation support and help resolve often very difficult issues.

  • Ecological Design

    Our staff is equally at home working with CAD files from engineers or GIS data from local agencies.