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Defining the potential value or cost of wetlands and other sensitive habitats is always complex. Doing so within the litigation or condemnation framework is doubly so. In this case, the owner of a Delta harbor also owned adjoining lands that the State sought to condemn for a future bridge. The same lands were also subject to litigation with the Corps due to a previous landowner’s unauthorized fill activities. Zentner Planning and Ecology provided support to the litigation team in defining the wetland cost values under different scenarios as well as cost estimates for both resolving the Corps litigation and mitigating the potential fill. 

In developing the Snows Lake vineyard in Lake County, our Clients inadvertently graded beyond the originally approved grading boundaries into several potentially sensitive resource areas. We were able to work with agency staff to more appropriately define the exact character of the resources involved and end the harmful speculation surrounding these areas. We then developed a restoration plan to mitigate for the actual losses and helped the vineyard staff implement the plan. The restoration work was defined as “highly successful” by CDFW staff and the threat of future litigation averted.