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Zentner Planning and Ecology utilized GIS for potential mitigation site analysis for the Contra Costa Sanitary District.  The district needed mitigation for a project and had nearby available land but was unsure which area would provide the most suitable and cost-effective site.  A wide range of existing public GIS data was integrated with on-the-ground surveys to determine the feasibility of the potential sites.  The resulting maps were powerful decision-making tools to convey spatial relationships and environmental patterns which identified the best possible location for the mitigation project.

Zentner Planning and Ecology determined the location of jurisdictional wetland boundaries using specific vegetation, soil, and hydrology criteria which was mapped with sub-meter GPS precision. This method provided for detailed accuracy of wetland boundaries, offered efficiency in locating boundaries for agency reviews and was consistent with the latest mapping standards required by the Corps.  By following these methods, we can ensure accurate delineations regardless of habitat, field conditions, and existing base maps.