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Zentner Planning and Ecology has been in the forefront of ecological restoration since 1986, when the company was founded, based on the belief that quality restoration work informed permitting and planning. In short, we learned, often the hard way, how to restore successful habitats, from wetlands and vernal pools to native grasslands and oak woodlands. That hard-won success allows us to propose solutions that work for both permitting and planning issues.



  • Mitigation and Restoration

    Zentner Planning and Ecology has been building successful restoration and mitigation projects for more than three decades.

  • Ecological Monitoring

    Zentner Planning and Ecology conducts construction monitoring to protect resources as well as the client and post-construction monitoring of nearly every habitat in California.

  • Maintenance

    Proper maintenance is critical to the success of a mitigation project, especially during the first several years of the project. Our staff has over 30 years of maintenance experience.