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Zentner Planning and Ecology completed monitoring for ten different restoration and mitigation sites for Contra Costa County Public Works.   The projects included a variety of wetland and woodland habitats in different stages of monitoring with a mixture of performance standards.  We were able to combine the monitoring into a single yearly report that was submitted to Federal and State regulatory agencies, thereby streamlining the monitoring process appreciably.

Snows Lake is a 2,300-acre vineyard located in Lake County. Zentner Planning and Ecology designed and helped build vernal pool, seasonal wetlands and more than 40 acres of woodland habitats on the property within a 240-acre wildlife corridor.  We then provided mitigation construction monitoring, which was critical due to the presence of culturally significant plants and archeological resources in the area that are important to local Native American tribes.  Post-construction monitoring focused on ecological analyses and work with the vineyard staff, allowing them to assume many of the routine monitoring and management duties.

The Eastridge Hills project site is an 81-lot residential development located in the City of Fairfield in Solano County.   We monitored seasonal wetlands and riparian woodlands along an ephemeral stream that ran through the development.  Though the mitigation site was within an easement, the adjacent homeowners owned the actual properties that contained the mitigation lands.  We worked with the developer, Davidon Homes, the homeowners, and State and Federal agencies to complete the monitoring and ensure the restoration work developed as required without impinging on the adjacent homes.