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Bayside Business Park is an approximately 145-acre site in Fremont that contained a mix of non-tidal salt marsh and uplands and also hosted the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys raviventris raviventris; SMHM).  The site was restored to microtidal conditions to benefit SMHM and the constructed and preserved areas were protected.  We completed annual maintenance and performance reviews of the site for the developer (King & Lyons) and the City of Fremont to track hydrology, vegetation and other important changes on the site.  The microtidal conditions required continual adjustment of the flap/slide gates that fed water into the site to provide optimal conditions for the pickleweed.  We also developed a mowing and spraying regime that stopped a highly invasive species, perennial pepperweed, from spreading when it colonized a small part of the site.